Michael Vaughn Hernandez comes from several years as an accomplished director, director of photography and editor. After achieving his Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, Michael brought into full realization his vision for the production company Creative Duet Media, which has gone on to achieve a solid reputation for professionalism, excellence, and creativity. Michael continues to prove his passion for and commitment to high-quality entertainment in both commissioned and original works.
Growing up in both Miami and the Caribbean afforded Vaughn the opportunity to experience many richly diverse cultures and people from vibrantly different walks of life. From Bollywood to Asian films to American movies and beyond, he is grateful to have witnessed time and time again how cinema is a powerful and meaningful way to connect to the people and world around us. Vaughn holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University and has utilized his skills and years of experience to bring into full realization his passion as a storyteller by directing various narrative films, music videos, and commercials. Projects include the latest two seasons of “For the Love of Jason” (ALLBLK), “Worthy” (Amazon Prime), and Back2Life (American Black Film Festival).


For the Love of Jason Season 2 directed by Michael Vaughn Hernandez Behind the Scenes